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Camping Lantern Light Hanging USB Rechargeable Outdoor Lighting LED Garden Lamp Waterproof Metal Tree Deco Retro Flame

RM 62.90


  • 2000mah battery capacity
  • Light time up to 60H (Note: Depending on the brightness level, the light time will be different)
  • 4H full charge time
  • There is led to indicate the current battery percentage: + 1light/25% , +2light/50%, + 3light/75%, + 4light/100%
  • Built-in USB charging port used as a backup battery
  • Dimmable knob with built-in light switch (long press for 2 seconds)
  • The light has 3 lighting modes that can be adjusted by the knob
  • The light can be used to charge your smartphone

User manual:

1) Turn on the light: press and hold the knob for 2 seconds

2) Adjust the brightness : Turn the knob to adjust

3) Switch between brightness modes: press the adjustment knob

4) Turn off the light: press and hold the knob for 2 seconds

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